Project CPI
Czech Paranormal Investigators
About Project
Because of much experience gained through investigation, documentation and study of paranormal phenomenons, we have decided to create the Project CPI.

Project CPI (Czech Paranormal Investigators) is a unique czech project, which primary goal is to document and present paranormal phenomenons in Czech Republic.

The Project was founded in March of 2014 by Roman Herbst.

Website is divided into several sections where you will find appropriate content and information regarding the topic.
Information and results will be slowly but constantly added to the website.

One of our main goals is to co-operate with other investigators and investigating teams on the field of paranormal phenomenons and research. We are in constant contact, we pass on the newest knowledge and information and we discuss our investigations.

Results of our co-operation will be common investigations, video documents, interviews and more.
Our main area of interest for research and investigations is Czech republic, but we are eager to do investigations anywhere else.

When investigating, we use our own unique methods, which were not used before and we try to make most objective results and to discover mysteries regarding strange anomalies.

Our own results will be published and presented on our website and on our official Facebook page alike.
We will bring you all kind of information and news regarding this topic, photographies, videos, exclusive interviews and more. We even consider to make a video documentary series about paranormal phenomenons.